With a background as a former professional kiteboarder, Bas seamlessly transitioned into the world of filming to amplify his personal brand, filming friends, and partnering with various brands. His journey in kiteboarding taught him the art of pursuing dreams and setting ambitious goals.

In addition to his adventures, Bas also co-founded and led Locals Agency, an established creative agency from 2019 until mid-2023, specializing in strategy, concept creation and campaigns for diverse brands. This experience provided invaluable insights into the agency side of the business, enriching his multifaceted skill set.

Having honed his skills in the great outdoors for years, Bas excels in swiftly adapting to diverse environments and thriving amidst varying weather conditions. As a versatile Director of Photography, he effortlessly navigates on both land and water, bringing his expertise to every project.

+31650831078 / info@baskoole.com / @koolebas / linkedin

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